Dear Aspirants,

The last date for applying for JAIIB is just 5 days away on 25th August. In last 5 years lakhs of bankers have joined the banking system. These young newly recruited candidates are dynamic and career oriented and understand the importance of JAIIB/CAIIB exams .

Given below is the fact sheet of students who appeared and passed JAIIB CAIIB exams last year

Exam No of Students who applied No who passed Pass percentage
JAIIB 2,21,200 41835 18.91
CAIIB  85675 19741 23.04


Thus you can see  more than 3 lakh students give exam every year. This year also many candidates have joined the bank after conclusion of IBPS IV.

Often many of these young banking professionals are not properly guided about the benefits of JAIIB & CAIIB and also have many questions regarding examination pattern etc of these exams.

We give below a list of FAQs often asked by banking professionals. We are hopeful that you will find the FAQs very useful. 


To download the FAQs click here —- FAQS JAIIB & CAIIB

Freedom sale response

Dear aspirants

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Dear Candidates,

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How tough is JAIIB & CAIIB

Dear JAIIB & CAIIB aspirants,

Dates for JAIIB & CAIIB exams have already been declared and in around 3 months students will be appearing for JAIIB exams.

Many of the candidates have braced themselves for the one of the most important exam of their banking career and have also started preparing for all the subjects of the exam.

But exactly how tough is this exam? Have you ever wondered how many students appear for the exam? How many students pass?

www.jaiibcaiib.co.in gives you some wonderful insights into the world of jaiib caiib exams.

During the year 2014-15 following students gave the exam and cleared it

Exam No of Students who applied No who passed Pass percentage
JAIIB 2,21,200 41835 18.91
CAIIB  85675 19741 23.04


Thus last year more than 2 lakh people applied for JAIIB exam out of which only 19 % could clear it and only 23% could clear CAIIB.

Most of the candidates who are giving these exams are the ones who have joined the bank in the last 4 years. All the students have cleared the competitive IBPS exam and have secured a job in bank. So are JAIIB & CAIIB exams tougher than IBPS. Answer is a definite NO

So what causes students to fail in the exam, Answer is

(i) Bank employees face long stressful working hours which hardly leaves them with anytime to study

(ii) Books/study material available for these exams have not been designed keeping in mind the variety of background from which bank candidates are coming and material is oriented towards students with commerce background.

SURE SUCCESS SERIES, by our organisation aims to address both these issues with most lucid and relevant distance learning material. The series has been designed keeping in mind the non commerce background of students and aim to complete full course within a short duration of time and has become hugely popular with students all over the India. We thank the students for the trust reposed by them in us and wish them all the best for their endeavor


Thanks for the response

Dear Candidates,

Sure Success Series for JAIIB & CAIIB has emerged as one of the most trusted brand for distance learning preparation for JAIIB & CAIIB in short span of time.

The books written by our expert faculty having almost a decade of experience of mentoring jaiib & caiib students is unique combination of descriptive explanation of all units and objective questions for practice.

Our aim was to ensure that students need not go through the bulky macmillan books and would learn about banking in an easy language and manner. We are glad to note that the students have liked our attempt and have given us some overwhelming support.

During June 15 exam we ran out of stock  by start of May itself, We opened  pre booking of our 3rd edition of Sure Success Series for JAIIB & CAIIB on 15th July and book were to be launched on 25th July. We were overwhelmed by the response of the students and ran out of stock on our launch day itself.

The huge orders also created logistic problems as packing, dispatching all the orders became a huge task. We are glad that we have dispatched all the orders and have also again got the stock.

We are constantly working to improve your shopping and reading experience and will shortly unveil new changes.

Till then we wish you all the best for your exam preparation

Team Sure Success Series

Distance learning preparation- JAIIB & CAIIB available now

Dear Aspirants,

We through our earlier posts have already informed about the declaration of dates of JAIIB & CAIIB. JAIIB exam starts on15th November 2015 and students have less than 4 months to prepare for it.

We also offer distance learning preparation through our sure success series- For both JAIIB & CAIIB is unique combination of Subjective and objective material combined in one book and has helped thousands of candidates across the country to clear the exam in single attempt.

We are happy to announce that pre launch of 3rd edition of Sure Success Series for JAIIB & CAIIB is available now.

The salient feature of Sure Success Series are:

(i) Chapter wise explanation of all topics to ensure that candidates get conceptual knowledge and grip on each topic

(ii) Written in most concise and easy language to enable students from non commerce background also to grasp it smoothly

(iii) Designed keeping in mind non availability of time with bankers. Complete preparation of full course in short duration

(iv) Objective/mock tests to test the learning of the students

(v) Fully solved numericals and details explanation of case studies to enable CAIIB students to clear BFM

(vi) Prepared by our expert faculty who has been mentoring students for JAIIB & CAIIB since last 9 years and is also invited as guest faculty by IIBF

(vii) Based on latest pattern and keeping in mind the probable questions to be asked in upcoming exam. Also includes questions asked in May /June exam

So, what you are waiting now. Order now and boost your chances of clearing the exam in single attempt. Click here to claim your copy

Dates of JAIIB & CAIIB Declared

Dates for Coveted JAIIB & CAIIB exams are declared. View the schedule below

(Last date for applying for examination : 25/08/2015)
15/11/2015 Sunday ONLINE – Will be given in the admit Letter Principles & Practices of Banking
22/11/2015 Sunday ONLINE – Will be given in the admit Letter Accounting & Finance for Bankers
29/11/2015 Sunday ONLINE – Will be given in the admit Letter Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking
Revised Examination Fees inclusive SERVICE TAX @14% with effect from 1st June, 2015
(Examination Eligible for Members Only)
Sr. No. Name of the Exam Attempts For Members(Rs)
1 JAIIB First Block of 2 attempts 2736



(Last date for applying for examination : 10/09/2015)
06/12/2015 Sunday ONLINE – Will be given in the admit Letter Advanced Bank Management
13/12/2015 Sunday ONLINE – Will be given in the admit Letter Bank Financial Management
20/12/2015 Sunday ONLINE – Will be given in the admit Letter Corporate Banking
Rural Banking
International Banking
Retail Banking
Co-operative Banking
Financial Advising
Human Resources Management
Information Technology
Risk Management
Central Banking
Treasury Management


Study Plan for ACCOUNTS Paper

Study Plan for Account Paper

Dear students,

First Paper of PPOB is over and now second paper of accounts is scheduled this Sunday. Accounts is one subject which has terrified many students as most of the students are from non commerce background.

For the PPOB paper we had advised students to focus on the various social schemes and paper did contain questions from those schemes. The paper of PPOB was easier than the previous year papers as questions were mostly straight forward and not tricky.

We expect the paper of accounts to be on the same line and expect that simple straight questions will be asked.
There has been change in the pattern of exam from this time onwards. Many tough subjects like Partnership accounts, nonprofit organization , leasing hire purchase etc have been removed and one full module of theory in the form of Module D Has been added.

How to Prepare. Continue reading Study Plan for ACCOUNTS Paper