The JAIIB Goal

Dear JAIIB Aspirants,

JAIIB is the first step towards acquiring the two most coveted professional qualifications in your banking career. Next step being CAIIB.

Thousands of young professionals have joined the bank in the recent past. These candidates are from diverse background such as engineering, biotech,arts, science.

JAIIB exam has been designed in such a manner that this candidates can get wide knowledge of day to day banking environment. Subjects such as Principle & Practices of Banking & Legal & Regulatory aspects of Banking cover wide areas such as banking related laws, legal implications of our various actions, Credit related knowledge. All this equips a candidate for better understanding of banking sector. Accounting & Finance for bankers helps the candidates in understanding accounts of various companies and how Banks maintain and manage their accounts.

The next exam for JAIIB is scheduled on 15.05.2016 and students have around 1 month to prepare for it.

Its a widely held belief that JAIIB is easier vis a vis CAIIB. However same is not true. See the data for last year 2014-15

Exam Name

Students Enrolled

Students passed

Pass Percentage









As can be seen pass percentage in JAIIB is lesser than that of CAIIB. Reason being most of the students do not have idea of the exam pattern, required commerce knowledge

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Dear Aspirants,

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(iv) The books are based on latest pattern and contain all kind of numericals, case studies necessary for clearing practical papers

(v) The exam centric approach to ensure books are neither lengthy nor dull so that student can complete their full preparation in their hectic and busy schedule.

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Dates of JAIIB & CAIIB declared


JAIIB – OPEN PERIOD FOR REGISTRATION (14-01-2016 to 15-03-2016)

15/05/2016 SuPrinciples & Practices of Banking
22/05/2016-Accounting & Finance for Bankers
29/05/2016 Sunday Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking

Last Date for Change of Centre Requests – 31st March 2016

CAIIB – OPEN PERIOD FOR REGISTRATION (04-02-2016 to 05-04-2016)

05/06/2016 Sunday Advanced Bank Management
12/06/2016 Sunday Bank Financial Management
19/06/2016 Sunday Optional Subject

Last Date for Change of Centre Requests – 21st April 2016

Now Target JAIIB CAIIB 2016

Dear Aspirants,

Exams for November/Dec JAIIB/CAIIB recently got concluded.
Like all the years exam for this attempt also was of mixed type with more and more focus on testing the concept based understanding of the students.
The concepts are tested by numerous ways of case studies, situation based questions, numericals, recent guidelines of RBI enumerated vide its circulars.
Sure Success Series which is unique combination of objective, subjective and case studies combined into one material has helped thousands of students crack these coveted exams in a single attempt.
The series features:
  • Written by experienced banker having a decade experience of mentoring students
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  • Case studies based on RBI circulars, recent pattern for BFM exam
  • High success rate of more than 85% students cracking the exam in single attempt
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  • Crisp and relevant material to prepare for all  topics in short time
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Team Sure Success Series

Great Discounts this XMAS

Team Sure Success Series wishes you a very very merry Xmas and Happy New year
We are hopeful that coming year will bring lot of joy and prosperity in your life and growth in your career.
One of the landmark of your professional career is qualification of JAIIB & CAIIB. 
Every year 3 lakh students take these exam however only around 20% of them pass. Reason for non passing of the exam by rest of the students is majorly non background of commerce and lack of guidance and time.
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Dear JAIIB CAIIB Candidates

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Are you prepared

Dear Aspirants,

The most important banking exam of your career is around the corner. And in just about 45 days… yes just 45 days, first exam of JAIIB will be held.
A lot of new candidates have joined the banking industry in last 3-4 years. These candidates have successfully cleared their IBPS exam and belong to diverse categories such as engineering, pharma, mba etc.
However, most of the banking aspirants belong to a non commerce background and do not have the primary understanding of the world of finance and accounts.
The books of Macmillan- with their bulky length and complicate language, do not help the student to get the basic understand of the topics and result is students fail the exams and often get so demotivated that they stop appearing for the exam.
Friends, importance of these exam is known to all of you. Not only they add to your financial income but also help you in getting a promotion.
Yuva Upanishad is the No.1 institute of learning for JAIIB  CAIIB exams. We have received overwhelming support to our classroom learning at Surat Centre and students from all banks are benefiting from it.
However, there are many students who due to time and personal constraints are not able to attend these classes.
We also offer distant learning material aptly titled SURE SUCCESS SERIES for all the subjects of JAIIB & Compulsory subjects of CAIIB.
Salient feature of distant learning material is
(i) Written in simple and lucid language
(ii) Descriptive explanation of all topics along with mock questions to test your knowledge
(iii) All the concepts of accounts explained in easy manner
(iv) More than 100 solved case studies in BFM along with case studies asked in previous exam
(v) Written to ensure cracking the exam in shortest period time
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With Regards
Team Sure Success Series

Few days to prepare

Dear Aspirants,

Registration for JAIIB/CAIIB exams have already closed and students now have less than 3 months to prepare for this most important banking exam of their professional career.

The biggest challenge for banking aspirants while preparing for these exams is TIME. Banking aspirants who come from varied background hardly find any time to devote to bulky macmillan books and prepare for these exams.

Sure Success Series, an initiative by  is unique combination of Subjective and objective material combined in one book and has helped thousands of candidates across the country to clear the exam in single attempt.

We are happy to announce the launch of 3rd edition of Sure Success Series for JAIIB & CAIIB

The salient feature of Sure Success Series are:

(i) Chapter wise explanation of all topics to ensure that candidates get conceptual knowledge and grip on each topic

(ii) Written in most concise and easy language to enable students from non commerce background also to grasp it smoothly

(iii) Designed keeping in mind non availability of time with bankers. Complete preparation of full course in short duration

(iv) Objective/mock tests to test the learning of the students

(v) Fully solved numericals and details explanation of case studies to enable CAIIB students to clear BFM

(vi) Prepared by our expert faculty who has been mentoring students for JAIIB & CAIIB since last 9 years and is also invited as guest faculty by IIBF

(vii) Based on latest pattern and keeping in mind the probable questions to be asked in upcoming exam. Also includes questions asked in May /June exam

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With regards

Team Sure Success Series

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Last Date of JAIIB Extended

Dear JAIIB Aspirants,

Various issues like slowing of website, non availability of payments options were witnessed on the website during last 2-3 days of JAIIB registration. 

IIBF has now extended the last date of registration of JAIIB upto 28th August 2015. Students who missed applying for the exam shall take this opportunity to fill the exam.

Candidates who are appearing for the first time should first take lifetime ordinary membership of the institute by clicking the following link Membership Application

Once the candidate has taken the membership, he can apply for the exam by clicking the following link Apply JAIIB

We wish all the best to the candidates

Team Sure Success Series

*** Our surety – your Success ***

Alert- Last date to apply

Dear JAIIB Aspirants,

Last date to apply for JAIIB examination is tommorrow ie 25.08.2015.

The candidates who will be appearing for the examination first time need to take lifetime ordinary membership first. Link for which is

Once students have taken the membership they can go to the following address

and by filling their membership number apply for JAIIB exam by choosing the centre and paying the fees.

The site has slowed down considerably probably due to higher traffic on account of last minute registrations. Candidates who are yet to apply for the exam shall not miss the chance as it will spoil their 6 months.

Wishing you all the best

Team Sure Success Series