Want to Kindle the flair of teaching?


Dear Bankers,

The arena of banking has gone considerable change in the last 10 years. A generation is all set to retire and new talent from all fields has joined the banking.

Though the banking field is utmost challenging, it is equally dry and often leaves you with the feeling of routine and doing the same thing day in day out without any kick to it.

Amongst many of us there are people who have flair of teaching, sharing, explaining, learning – for these vibrant lot, Yuva Upanishad presents  an opportunity to show case your talent/ skill or simply the desire to share.

We invite the candidates all across India to become part of our “online authors”. As an online author, a person can send us:

(i)  Case studies, numerical, questions for JAIIB- CAIIB subjects

(ii) Write up on any topic of JAIIB CAIIB Subjects

(iii) Any other topic or material which is relevant to these exams or any other certificate course of IIBF

The interested students can contact us on jaiibcaiibadmission@gmail.com for any query or sending the material.

The material submitted will be reviewed by our editorial team headed by the undersigned. The submitted material if found suitable will be posted on our website, FB page along with the name/bank branch of the online author.

Based on the content, frequency of submission, quality of the material submitted by the authors they will be categorized into (i) Assistant Author (ii) Associate author (iii) Expert and their pictures shall be displayed in “ Our Team section

So, if you think you should write, if you think there should be more to life than daily banking, do contact us.


With Regards

Vaibhav Awasthi

Chief Mentor, Yuva Upanishad



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