Since 1991- Snippets of time

There was a time when India was truly

socialistic democratic republic. Where

angst of youth was seen in Amitabh

Bacchan and not on facebook, where

points of talking were Chaiwala stalls and

not CCDs, where there were bazzars not

big or star but just bazaars and where

foreign country and its stuff were seen with

wide eyes.


All that and much more changed when a

reticent finance minister opened up the

Indian shores to Liberalisation,

Privatisation and Globalisation. Thus

began India’s second tryst with destiny. In

this book we have captured the growth of

India on economic front since 1991. 20

years have passed since then, A whole

new generation has taken the centre



This is New India with Dreams, aspiration,

and even money. This is the India which

the world is watching. No matter how

embattled we remain in corruption,

inefficiency, and talks of crony capitalism,

the last 20 decades have brought a sea

change to us, to India.

We present you brief snippets of it. They will excite you, en light you and are extremely enjoyable.

Happy reading

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