Special 10 days batch

New financial year has begun. With this beginning also give a head start to your career building. In less than ¬†one and a half months JAIIB students will give their first paper of ” Principles and Practices of Banking”.

Importance of JAIIB/CAIIB exam in banking industry is well known. It not only gives marks in promotion process but also brings monetary rewards in the form of extra increments. For a clerical staff it brings 3 additional increments and for officers 2 additional increments which effectively means it pushes your career two-three years ahead of your peers.

The candidates who have applied for JAIIB/CAIIB exams must give time now to their preparation . Every year around 3,00,000 lakh student apply for JAIIB/CAIIB exams (inclusive of both may and dec exam). Out of which around 22-26 % only pass. Though the exam is not tough, candidates often due to time pressure, work fatigue and lack of proper guidance fail to clear the exams. We only have one advice- Don’ miss the exam. Study diligently and have trust in yourself.

Yuva Upanishad Foundation, Surat runs batches for JAIIB/CAIIB exams. Batches are taken by our experienced faculty who has been mentoring students for JAIIB/CAIIB exams since last 8 years. We are holding special 10 day batch for two subject of JAIIB (i) Legal and regulatory aspect of Banking (ii) Principles and practices of Baking, commencing 5th April 2014. We shall be covering both these subjects and providing concise study material, note books for both the subjects.

Give boost to your preparation and get a chance to interact with other students , clear your doubts and get to know important topics for the exam. Do not miss it.

For further details/ assistance do give us a call on 07600273309.

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