Dates for DBF Declared

Banking has emerged as one of the most prominent public sector recruiter in the past few years. Vacancies as high as 20,000 are being declared every 6 month both for clerical and officer cadre. These high number of vacancies has made it attractive employment destination and many students are preparing for banking exams.

Knowledge of accounts and background of commerce does help candidates in securing advantage during the interview process, however in this article we are going to tell students about courses/certificates which will help them in securing not only a bank job but will also enhance their banking career.

There are two most important banking certificates all bankers must have. 

  1. JAIIB  – Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers
  2. CAIIB- Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Banker

These courses are conducted by Indian Institute of Banking & Finace (IIBF). IIBF  has governing council which comprises of CMDs of all banks ( PSB & Pvt Banks). JAIIB & CAIIB is most important qualification for bankers, not only they give monetary benefit in the form of additional salary increments but are also necessary for promotions.

While JAIIB & CAIIB can be done only by people who are working in some banks, IIBF has designed and developed Diploma in Banking & Finance (DBF) for candidates who are not yet into the service of the bank but want to develop their career in banking. The DBF exam is equivalent of JAIIB and once candidates joins the bank his/her DBF certificate will be converted into JAIIB and student will be eligible for extra salary and also to sit for CAIIB exam.

DBF is most essential for students who are of non commerce background and want to make their career in banking. DBF helps them in getting all the basic knowledge of banking and also of accounts.  It will also help the student in interview stage while facing the panel and answering questions like why banking. The qualification will help the student in showing their inclination towards joining the bank.

Dates for DBF have been declared by IIBF. It consists of three papers which will be held on three consecutive sundays and student need to pass all the three exams. Test paper consists of 100 mark objective type questions. Candidate need to get 50 marks to clear the paper and there is no negative marking.

Dates for DBF are given as below

(Last date for applying for examination : 15/10/2014)

11/01/2015 Sunday Will be given in the Admit letter Principles & Practices of Banking
18/01/2015 Sunday Will be given in the Admit letter Accounting & Finance for Bankers
25/01/2015 Sunday Will be given in the Admit letter Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking


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