Dates for JAIIB November 2018 exams

Dear JAIIB aspirants

Dates for JAIIB exam have already been declared by IIBF.  The first exam is scheduled on 4th November and thus students have just 3 months to prepare for the exams.

The exam schedule is given as below:


REGULAR OPEN PERIOD FOR REGISTRATION (05-09-2018 TO 05-10-2018) – With Normal Examination fees

EXTENDED PERIOD FOR REGISTRATION(06-10-2018 TO 08-10-2018) – With Normal Examination fees plus LATE FEES of Rs 200/- (Plus taxes as applicable)

04-11-2018 ONLINE – Will be given in the admit Letter Principles & Practices of Banking
11-11-2018 ONLINE – Will be given in the admit Letter Accounting & Finance for Bankers
18-11-2018 ONLINE – Will be given in the admit Letter Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking

One advantage or disadvantage whichever way you may see it is that during this phase of exam i.e in November festive seasons begin and thus there are lot of holidays on accounts of these festivals and thus students can take advantage of these holidays to prepare for the exams. On the other hand festive season also discourages students from picking up books and thus preparation for the exam takes a backseat.

We wish all the best to all the aspirants of exam.

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