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Are You loosing Rs 40,000 an year?

JAIIBCAIIB exams are the most important exams of a banking professional. Not only they add to the monetary benefits they help the bankers in getting coveted promotions and climbing the success ladder faster.

A banker with JAIIB/CAIIB qualification earns around Rs 40,000 more per year. Yes Rs 40,000 more each year than a non JAIIB CAIIB Banker.

The exam for JAIIB/CAIIB starts in one month from now.

Wit such short of span of time students require compact, to the point study material in an easy language which can help them in cracking the exam in single attempt.

Sure Success Series has emerged as the most preferred choice for the aspirants of JAIIB & CAIIB.

So what is making SURE SUCCESS SERIES a preferred choice for students?
(i) The books have been authored by experienced banker having an experience of decade in mentoring students for JAIIB & CAIIB

(ii) The books are unique combination of descriptive,objective, numericals and case studies and thus are one stop solution for preparation

(iii) The books are written with face to face, one on one approach to ensure that students from all background feel their queries have been answered and all points are explained in easy language

(iv) The books are based on latest pattern and contain all kind of numericals, case studies necessary for clearing practical papers

(v) The exam centric approach to ensure books are neither lengthy nor dull so that student can complete their full preparation in their hectic and busy schedule.

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The JAIIB Goal

Dear JAIIB Aspirants,

JAIIB is the first step towards acquiring the two most coveted professional qualifications in your banking career. Next step being CAIIB.

Thousands of young professionals have joined the bank in the recent past. These candidates are from diverse background such as engineering, biotech,arts, science.

JAIIB exam has been designed in such a manner that this candidates can get wide knowledge of day to day banking environment. Subjects such as Principle & Practices of Banking & Legal & Regulatory aspects of Banking cover wide areas such as banking related laws, legal implications of our various actions, Credit related knowledge. All this equips a candidate for better understanding of banking sector. Accounting & Finance for bankers helps the candidates in understanding accounts of various companies and how Banks maintain and manage their accounts.

The next exam for JAIIB is scheduled on 15.05.2016 and students have around 1 month to prepare for it.

Its a widely held belief that JAIIB is easier vis a vis CAIIB. However same is not true. See the data for last year 2014-15

Exam Name

Students Enrolled

Students passed

Pass Percentage









As can be seen pass percentage in JAIIB is lesser than that of CAIIB. Reason being most of the students do not have idea of the exam pattern, required commerce knowledge

Sure Success Series has helped thousands of students across the country in clearing their exam in single attempt. Our concept based, exam oriented,latest study material ensures that students can finish their entire preparation well within the time and can understand all concepts in an easy and brief manner.

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