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Free Class for Accounting

  1. Wages of workmen employed for setting up new machinery should be debited to:
    1. expenses account
    2. wages a/c
    3. machinery account
    4. cash account
  2. Ram is paid Rs 200 for repairs of a second hand machinery. The amount paid should be debited to
    1. Ram a/c
    2. Machinery a/c
    3. cash a/c
    4. repairs a/c

Do these types of questions confuse you?  The above questions form part of basic accounting procedures for recording transactions.

Yuva Upanishad foundation is holding free class of Basic accounting procedures, journal entry, rules of debit and credit on  2nd March 2014.

For more details and attending the class do give us a call on 07600273309. See you this Sunday.

Only 40 Centres will have offline JAIIB/CAIIB

For May/June 2014 Examinations

Currently the Institute offers JAIIB/CAIIB examinations in 276 centers. It has now been decided that :

  1. JAIIB/CAIIB/ELECTIVES Examinations will be conducted at 236 centers in Online Mode. In these centers there will be NO option of paper & pencil ie. off-line mode examination.
  2. In the remaining 40 Centers (list given under) where the number of candidates is very low the Institute will offer paper & pencil i.e. off-line mode examination for the May/June 2014 examination. There will be NO option of on-line exam in these centers. (These candidates are advised to carefully read the information given in II below).
  3. DB&F and Certificate examinations will be conducted on-line mode at 129 centers in the country.

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