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BFM-4th Edition- The story

Dear CAIIB aspirants,

Sure Success Series has become the only portal with complete resources for JAIIB & CAIIB exams. Our books have fast become the first choice due to their precise, exam centric and easy to understand language.

Our Bank Financial Management book is undoubtedly the bestseller and has helped thousands of students across country in cracking the toughest paper of CAIIB with ease.

Since last 2 seasons, Basel III has become a favourite topic of IIBF and its theory and numerical has been included in the paper. This inclusion made clearing BFM an uphill task.

We constantly received suggestions to include the same in our book.

And herein started our challenge. From the outset, Sure Success Series, has been built on the premise of providing compact and concise material. We understand that bankers have a very hectic schedule and thus coming up with some bulky books or 2-3 books as done by other publications/authors doesn’t help. Infact it scares the students who are already at wit end’s to understand the bulky Macmillan.

Incorporating Basel III with explanation and numericals in an easy and concise manner was a challenging task and finally after intense hardwork at our end we accomplished that task. Also to provide students with extensive practice of numerical, we increased the number of numerical/case studies from 100 to 200.

All this took considerable time, but we believed in coming up with the best material rather than any half baked material to mint money as done by many other new/amateurish publications.

The book was finally launched on 15th August 2016.  We had scheduled the pre bookings for the period 10-15th August. But the moment pre bookings started at 10:00 am on 10th August, we got flooded with pre bookings. Every minute we were receiving orders and we knew inspite of our efforts of keeping adequate stock, the stock wont last long.

Our site and app face heavy traffic which also resulted in lot of people not being able to place their order and finally on 13th August itself, 2 days before the schedule date, we were totally out of stock and had to close pre bookings.

Once the pre bookings ended, we had the task of dispatching these thousands of orders. Our task was affected by two big reasons. First it was a Raksha Bandhan week and our courier/post partners  were already overburdened and thus we faced issues of speedy disposal. Also we have received lots of order from rural areas wherein courier companies did not deliver and we had to rely on speed post/registered posts for delivery.

Secondly, it was a festive week and with holidays, our staff too were looking for holidays. However, we could not afford absent staff with thousands of order waiting to be packed,processed, dispatched.

We started dispatch from 16th August and our team worked immensely hard to meet the deadlines. It also saw few glitches. Due to some glitches on our App, few aspirants were able to place their order on cash on delivery method. We presently do not have active cash on delivery method, however this error was detected only after the book has been shipped to them. Thus there would be few students who would be enjoying FREE BFM-4th edition.

After a very hectic week, we were finally able to dispatch all the items by late Saturday evening on 20th August and final task of sending intimating mails to candidates was finally completed late Sunday evening on 21st August.

Most of the students will receive the books by this week, At 305 pages this is the thickest book from our publication but we are sure that this one book is your one stop solution for BFM.

We look forward to your suggestions, infact it is your suggestions and feedback which is the key principle when we design our books.

We are more than hopeful that this book will enable you to crack this exam. Last year 1,11,956 students enrolled for CAIIB out of which only 14,811 students passed. Thus pass percentage was mere 13%. We at Sure Success Series intend to change it. We intend to reach to these lakhs of people. We are hopeful that  our books will change the pass percentage for Sure. We request all our students in helping us to reach to these lakhs of people spread across India. We request you to help your friends know about us.

At the end, we are constantly working on making these exams real easy. Their preparation real easy. keep sending your suggestions.  Wish you all the best.


Dear Aspirant,

Our Sure Success Series- Bank Financial Management-3rd edition was a phenomenal hit.On our first day of launch itself the book went out of stock.
During last  exam of June 16, we had to re publish 4 times due to extremely high demand and finally we were again out of stock 15 days before the exam and failed to serve numerous people who kept on calling us even till 3-4 days before exam.
We are extremely encouraged and humbled by faith our readers in us.
For December 2016 exam we are coming up with our latest 4th edition. We have tried to make the book the most perfect by incorporating 200 types of numericals/case studies, Basel III and all new topics.We recently launched free sample of the same.
We are amazed by the number of queries/calls/mails we are receiving from CAIIB aspirants. Everyday we receive around 100 calls,messages,contact enquiry,emails for providing BFM latest edition. We have also received around 2000 request so far for pre booking of the book.
Due to  this large number of queries daily sometimes it becomes impossible for us to respond to each and every individual query.
We through our this post would like to inform our users that, TENTATIVE DATE OF AVAILABILITY OF BFM-4TH EDITION HAS BEEN ADVISED AS 15TH AUGUST BY OUR PUBLISHER.
We have made massive print of books so as to avoid any out of stock situation during this time.
We shall be launching pre bookings tentatively from 10th August and first week we will be dispatching pre order books only.
We request you to keep little more patience as we shall be serving you shortly. We also request you to download our app SURE SUCCESS SERIES to get instant notifications in this regard.


Dear Students,

At the outset I would like to express my thanks to thousands of students who have chosen Sure Success Series for preparing for CAIIB.

Our last 3rd edition of BFM was a runaway hit and response received by our students was more than overwhelming and humbling.

We have always understood and believed that Banking students are very bright and hardworking, so what is causing such high failure rates in CAIIB?

The answer was lack of good material and lack of time students faced due to taxing banking hours and responsibilities.

So while we wrote Sure Success Series- BFM, we had focus on two things (i) The material should be concise (ii) Material should be precise.

The result was phenomenal as our concise book helped student clear the dreaded exam of BFM sometime in time as less than a week.  There were many who were skeptical when they received the concise book thinking whether such thin book can help them clear the gigantic BFM and they were in for a big surprise when they cleared the exam with great numbers.

Your expectation from us increases our responsibility. The exam of Dec 15 and June 16 had Basel III, and we received many requests from our students to incorporate Basel III in our book. The task of incorporating Basel III was a tough exercise as the whole concept is huge and complex and incorporating it in our book in an easy manner would require increase in length of our book something which we as a policy avoid. Also the number of questions and types of question which will be asked was also not clear as official Macmillan book does not contain Basel III.

However our team at Sure Success Series took up the challenge and in our this edition we have brought Basel III along with Numericals and simplified understanding

We have also doubled the case studies/numerical from existing 100 to 200. Also many printing error, outdated information of the previous edition have been done away with.

We are more than hopeful that this edition will prove to be extremely beneficial to the CAIIB aspirant and will prove to be the Easiest and Surest way to crack the exam in a single attempt.

We have also launched our revamp website and mobile app SURE SUCCESS SERIES  in google play store. We request all of you to download the app and very shortly we are coming up with objective test series for CAIIB subjects on our app and website which will prove to be the ultimate practice ground and check your preparedness for taking the final exam.

Download the free sample now. Pre booking will commence shortly.

The Online test series for JAIIB & CAIIB

Dear Aspirants,

Our Sure Success Series books have been a raging success with thousands of students clearing their exam using them

Sure Success Series have simplified and condensed the whole JAIIB/CAIIB syllabus in manner that students with all background could clear the exam in single attempt in a very short period of time.

One constant feedback we were receiving from our students was to start an online test series also which could help them in evaluating their preparedness and also give them an opportunity to prepare anytime they wanted.

We are glad to announce online test for JAIIB and online test series for CAIIB will be launched shortly.

The online test series for JAIIB is unique offering for all the JAIIB aspirants and is bound to help immensely in their preparation.

  1. 3000 questions to evaluate your preparation
  2. All the three topics covered
  3. full fledged exam pattern online test with real time timer
  4. Case studies pattern of question to simulate the real exam
  5. Instant score to check how you fared
  6. Multiple attempt facility to check your progress over a period of time
  7. Test series available on laptop as well as mobile app to enable you to study anytime anywhere

We are sure the online test series will change the way you have prepared for the exams so far and will benefit thousands of students in their attempt to crack the most important banking exam of their career.

We wish you all the best for your preparation. Log on to Online test series

and start your preparation

The most hAPPening thing of JAIIB & CAIIB

Dear Aspirants,

Sure Success Series, has fast emerged as the preferred choice of JAIIB & CAIIB aspirants. Our Sure Sure Success Series books helped thousands of students in clearing their JAIIB & CAIIB in very short span of time. Our books have helped students from all background and have come as guide for students from non commerce background. We receive hundreds of mail daily where students give us feedback and suggestions. We also work tirelessly to improve your experience with us.

One constant suggestions we were receiving from students was to provide an real time online test series which would give them the exact environment as the real exam. Our team at Sure Success Series value all your suggestions immensely and we have now launched the most hAPPening thing of JAIIB & CAIIB- Sure Success Series mobile app with online test series.

So aspirants can now take JAIIB & CAIIB online mock tests anytime anywhere from their mobile app and foolproof their practice by preparing from thousands of questions.

Not only this, take free mock test, get all info about JAIIB & CAIIB exam dates, fees, exam commencement, daily questions for JAIIB & CAIIB straight into your mobile.

We assure you our app will change the way you prepare for JAIIB & CAIIB.  Now keep the exam on your finger tip. Download the most hAPPening APP. Downlaod  Sure Success Series now and see how your confidence and marks take a big leap!